Here at Lefthandedly we offer brand new, Official Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in both black and white. Our controllers have been  professionally modified to a permanent Southpaw thumbstick layout, allowing left handed gamers to play naturally and reach their full potential on every game.

The thumbstick layout of an Xbox Controller is set to right handed use by default. Frustratingly for left handed players, a large number of games on the Xbox 360 do not allow players to select a left handed (or Southpaw) thumbstick layout from within the game preferences, resulting in an inferior gaming experience for thousands of left handers.

At Lefthandedly we target this inequality by professionally modifying left handed Xbox 360 controllers in our on site workshop. As a result the functions of the left and right thumbsticks are permanently swapped (both the thumbstick movement and the thumbstick click,). This means left handed gamers are finally be able to play EVERY Xbox 360 game in a way that feels natural, including titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV which like so many others, do not give the option of setting the controller to Picture of a White Southpaw Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. Southpaw from within the game.

Every truly left handed gamer will tell you of the frustration of being forced to play on controllers designed for right handed people. Lefthandedly finally gives you the opportunity to maximise your Xbox gaming experience, so get yourself a Lefthandedly Controller now!

Remember: every order is shipped direct from our UK workshop by recorded delivery within 2 business days, and comes with a full 30 day modification guarantee..

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